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Seven Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 14)


This week I did something that I have been meaning to do for the last 7 years… I joined the Junior League! Now, before you get an image in your head of women with tea sandwiches and pearls, it’s nothing like that. The women of my class are made up of professional women, SAHMs, WAHMs, and recent college grads all linked with the desire to serve their community. Needless to say, I am excited. Plus kids (and dogs) are welcome at any and all meetings! The dogs thing kind of threw me, but as our Provisional Chair said… It’s California!


The funny thing about my recent weeks of getting involved with organizations is, according to this (humorous!) website, I hold certain characteristics associated with snobby moms. Thoughts?


This week at story time at LBS, there was an elementary school class listening to the story. The looked to be about kindergarten age and so I asked the teacher what school they where from. (Little back story: I found out earlier in the week that I *need* to be looking at schools NOW for The Bear, if we are planning on sending her. EEK!) Turns out they were from what would be our neighborhood school and it’s a school that specializes in the arts. They bring in amateur and professional artists and musicians for all of the classes, and beginning in 2nd grade vocal or instrumental lessons begin.


For me, the instrument lessons are a definite plus, especially since we are still thinking about getting The Bear started in Violin lessons. Now, before you start thinking that I am going to go all Tiger Mother on my girls, I value getting them started in lessons as soon as they can, just to get the foundation laid. I started my Violin lessons when I was in elementary school (I think it was 1st Grade) which lead to developing an ear for music and fostering the creative side that tends to get squashed.


Joy of Joys! We picked the SwaggerWagon up from the body shop this week. It’s so great having it back and I am starting to lose my nervousness when driving… not by much, but it is easing. I am not sure that it will ever go away, nor do I think that I want to lose it. I mean, there has to be something going for being a defensive driver. But there is a difference between defensive and fearful.


This random thought popped into my head tonight: Isn’t it beautiful that the word “Thank You” in Romance languages tend to root in the words “grace” and “mercy?” (Gracias, Grazie,Merci) Germanic languages… not so much.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin (my hometown) has unveiled another ad campaign to help reduce the level of infant mortality in the city. Instead of addressing all of the factors involved, or even the biggest factor (ONLY consider co-sleeping if all safety requirements are met including EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING,) they are taking the sensational approach… just short of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you… that’s a butchers’ knife with the baby. At least the United Way of Milwaukee is trying to *gasp* EDUCATE?!?! (and, sadly, most of the deaths were in poor, minority families and ALL of the deaths involved the infant being formula fed. This is not an anti-formula statement, but if you are going to formula-feed you shouldn’t co-sleep (see page 12 of the PDF.) Plus you shouldn’t be under the influence either. That counts for breastfeeding moms as well.) But I can see the flip side of what Milwaukee is doing… they have an public health epidemic going on and they are trying to keep infants alive. Read my previous thoughts on this topic here.

ETA: I would like to clarify that Milwaukee County is using the term “co-sleeping” when “bed-sharing” is more accurate.

ETA: More links to current breastfeeding/ formula-feeding/ safe sleep research.


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